We are an entertainment and for profit company. We have information that could be helpful in your situation and worries. We are confident that whatever you want us to worry about somehow has a way of going away because a new one will take its place. We just want to make people aware that this is a light hearted endeavor to bring out the humor in people and anything more serious that cannot be resolved with laughter, individuals should seek proper health providers.

Please do not implicate us in any malfeasance, misfeasance, criminal activities, as these will have to be turned over to the authorities. They may not laugh.

You wish - you hope - you pray your situation goes away. How long will you wait for a help? For 2.99 USD per a worry, help is on the way.

Once you give us your worry, you should stop worrying because we take over the job of worrying about it.
Do your part, don't worry.
We take our work very seriously and confidential.
Help is on the way.

Do you have any concerns? You can write to us at worryonline@gmail.com